Seeing the untouched nature of the Giant Mountains from horseback is anunforgettable experience. We offer rides for beginners, where your horse is ledby an experienced rider, and also for advanced and experienced riders.

Rides on lead-rope

We offer rides for children on a lead-rope, with or without a saddle. Also suitable for adult beginners. Your horse is led on a lead-rope by an
experienced rider. This type of ride can take place in the riding school or outdoors.

Price list (hacking and lead-rope)

45 min              CZK 350 (€ 14)

About us

We are a small family-owned stable focusing on caring for our horses naturally. We keep our horses outside all year round, 24 hours a day, seven
days a week. Our horses decide whether they will take shelter from the weather or remain outside. We believe they know what's best for them and that's usually the opposite to what humans would think is best. Horses kept like this are healthier, hardier and more satisfied. All our horses have strong and healthy hooves, which are left naturally unshod. Members of our herd are balanced, well-behaved, playful and friendly to each other and to people. We also keep goats on our farm, which provide the healthiest milk for our home-made cheese and you can also try milking them. We also keep sheep.

Come and visit us to learn new things and experience the company of horses and other animals at our farm.