Vítkovice v Krkonoších is located at an altitude of around 700 metres above sea level. Due to its location Vítkovice is the ideal starting point for hiking and cycling in the Giant Mountains. Places such as Dvoračky, Rezek, Rovinka, Horní Mísečky and Zlaté Návrší can all be reached by bike and on foot. Take a look at some photos from Vítkovice and the surrounding area: https://www.vitkovicevkrk.cz/cs/fotogalerie.aspx.:

In the summer season visitors can take one of the Giant Mountain cycle buses, which will comfortably take you and your bike up to the ridges of the Giant Mountains. Horse lovers can also go for a ride on one of our three horses.


A few tips for hikes from us:
Kotelní jámy
is a national nature reservation on the southern slopes of Kotel Mountain in the Giant Mountains. This area consists of two glacial cirques called Velká (Big) and Malá (Small) jáma (hole) on the south and south-east slopes of Kotel Mountain. Velká Kotelní jáma was hollowed out by the glacier in granite and Malá Kotelní jáma was hollowed out in mica-schist.  The holes are separated from each other by the rocky Liščí hřebínek (Fox Ridge). This location is the habitat of rare species of plant. Kotelská Stream rises at Kotelní jámy and is the right tributary of the Jizerka River. Kotelní jámy are located in the first, most strictly protected zone of the Giant Mountain Nature Park and you are only
permitted to travel along sign-posted trails here. The Kotelní jámy area is intersected by the green hiking route from Dvorečky to Horní Mísečky, which is sometimes closed in the winter due to the risk of avalanches.

Pančavská louka (meadow) is an extensive sub-alpine meadow with the most extensive mountain peak peat bog located between Kotel Mountain and Labská louka (Elbe Meadow) in the West Giant Mountains. It is part of the Elbe Spring Nature Reservation and is the habitat of rare native glacial plants. The Pančava River rises on Pančavská louka and is the right tributary to the Elbe. It also forms the 250 m tall Pančava waterfall at the rocky edge of the meadow, which falls into the Elbe valley. The point at the foot of this waterfall affords one of the most beautiful views in the Giant Mountains and is called Ambrose's Lookout. The inaccessible Schustler's Garden, in which 150 species of vascular plants grow, is located
below the waterfall. Pančavská louka is one of the most popular places for cross-country skiing in spring. A major West Giant Mountain crossroads, called U čtyř pánů (Four Gentlemen) is located at the western edge of the meadow.

Vysoké kolo is located in the Giant Mountains on the main ridge, the wide Silesian Ridge on the Czech-Polish border. It is the fourth tallest peak of the Giant Mountains at 1509 m. It is a dome mountain, with several rocks surrounded by a boulder field. The slopes of the mountain are covered by alpine meadows and dwarf mountain pine. These slopes are much more gradual towards the south than towards the Polish side. The
northern Polish slopes fall steeply along avalanche routes into a glacial cirque - Velký Sněžný (Great Snow) (Wielki Kociol Snieźny). The Polish side of the peak is the location of the ruins of a 5 m tall pyramid built at the end of the 19th century and affording an excellent 360º view of the Giant Mountains and the Polish Jelenia Gora basin.